2016 Season of Giving
Digital Campaign

INSIGHT: Giving heartfelt gifts feels priceless.

When you reach out and give to RMHC, you’re giving something that is far more precious than a mere donation. Your gift means when a child wakes, his mom can be there to hold his hand. Dad can be there to give his little girl a good-night hug. Brothers and sisters can be nearby and tease, play and do the things brothers and sisters do. Which is mostly just making a sick child feel loved. Invaluable gifts. A smile. A hand. A kiss. They are gifts you can help give. And transform how a child experiences what’s happening to them. 

Phased Banner Ad Campaign
Facebook and Other Social Media 
Welcome Emails
Short Video Moments posted to multiple social media.
Donation Boxes
30 Second Thank You Spot
Diane Andreoni Associates, Agency
Melinda Roenisch, Creative Director (Copy)
Melissa Voetberg, Creative Director (Design)

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