Season of Giving 
Fundraising Campaign


THE GIFT YOU CAN’T BUY. A brushed ribbon visually “holds” this precious gift you can’t buy – but that you can only give. Togetherness. Family. Love. The 2017 campaign delivers that gift. 

Why it works: This approach captures that sense of giving something precious in a very telegraphic, memorable way. It makes the act of giving feel real and special by finding a way to make visible what’s invisible. 

Phased Banner Campaign
Facebook Carousel
Various arrangement of stills and 10 second video spots were used in social media.
30 Second Spot
10 Second Spots
Thank You 30 second spot
Diane Andreoni Associates, Agency
Melinda Roenisch, Creative Director (Copy)
Melissa Voetberg, Creative Director (Design)

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